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Top class equipment and consumables for the production of rotogravure cylinders

ECOGRAPH AG - Our Company Portrait

ECOGRAPH AG is one of the leading manufacturers of top class doctor blades for rotogravure and flexo printing as well as special applications. We are a Swiss, independent and privately owned company, all our grinded lamella doctor blades are produced with equipment developed and built by ECOGRAPH.

For 20 years, ECOGRAPH AG occupies a leading position in the international market, our doctor blade products are in daily use in over 40 countries worldwide.

In the market we emerge significantly with our top latest innovations ECOCER and ECOCER NANO, doctor blades with a special coating, to ease the daily grind in a printer’s job!

Perfect printing results thanks to top quality ECOGRAPH Doctor Blades!

Doctor Blades for rotogravure and flexo printing.


Oberrütelistrasse 13

CH-8753 Mollis


Phone    +41 55 618 5070

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highest durability + less waste + less problems = reduce cost

Doctor Blades



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